There is nothing new when we say that the environment today is increasingly digital and artificial. Such an environment is increasingly difficult for our body to bear, even though the repercussions are not instantaneous. We are surrounded by screens, digital advertisements and finally unnatural outdoor and indoor lighting. That, along with the fast pace of life, is also a big factor for the accumulated stress. The fact is, we are biological beings and we have a need to absorb organic things. At the end of the day, we have a need for relaxation and pleasant moments in order to keep the mind and body healthy and rested. Pleasant moments need to be created, so make your home serene using organic materials.

Caim lamps are handmade and are made exclusively of natural materials (wood and ceramics). The blinds are made of veneer, which are found in various combinations and shapes on all models of Caim lamps. Wooden blinds thus have the role of converting the cold LED light into a very natural and soothing light. This creates an extremely relaxing and warm atmosphere and a feeling of serenity.

My name is Luka Kovač, I have a small woodworking and ceramics workshop in Samobor, a small town in the west of Croatia. I love to create and I am fascinated by natural materials and enjoy working with my hands. Lighting design has been my main subject throughout my artistic and creative expression.

I have decided to share my design adventure under the name “Caim” with all those who want to make this world more beautiful and pleasant to live in.

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